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Who kind of people I'm?

Who I'm between the other people. Alone I'm a thinker, a creator, an explorer may be. But with people around who I'm? A Jester, a sage, a ruler, an innocent, a magician, a creator, a lover, a caregiver, a hero, everyperson, a explorer, a revolutionary. What part of all that's me?

Sometimes I'm a jester, but it depends on who I meet. It's imposible to me be a jester with people who do not know. I understand that rules are necesary in a society, but there is a lots of things that may and could be changed. I usually think on it, but sure I'm not an active "ruler" man.

I am definitely not a magician or an innocent, not a caregiver or a hero.

One test says I'm 63% of sage kind. I know I'm a creator, a lover and a explorer. 

The only thing certain is that I try to be the best of myself every day, step by step.

And you? Who are you? Have you thinked on it ever?





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