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Learning progress.

What have been your progress?



I perceived I've had a great improvement last months. Today my listening comprehension rose a lot and I got many word in my vocabulary.


Renato Arantes, share your way of learning English! I have had some progress too, but not a lot)

Alla, I've read and wrote down all new words to memorize them. I also have watched many youtube videos about pronounciation, that's good not only to improve your pronounciation but mainly to you understand what the native speaker are speaking. I'd like to indicate the site, I've learnt a lot with her.


Thank you Renato for your recomendations)

Renato, did you already knew anything about English?

Hello, I have been studying english for many years, It has been very hard and boring for me since I started studying english in an institute and their methodology was very bad. I studied there for about 1 year and a half, they think that studying a lot of grammar rules are key for speaking english, but there are totally wrong. I study very hard following their methodology with extremely boring textbooks. Supposedly by the end of that course I will achieve a B2 level. However I can´t talk with anyone in english, even small phrases, I only knew some grammar rules and a lot of them I had forgive. They reprimanded me when I made mistakes and that's why I was afraid of making mistakes and I opted for not speaking english. I feel I lost my time and money there. I was very angry and frustrated because I wanted to be fluent in english and wanted to speak english the way I speak spanish easily, confidently. I looked at in internet how to speak english easily and in a proper way. What I found is quite interesting because It is against of what I learnt in that institute. Grammar is not the key in fact it hinders your ability of being fluent. You need to immerse yourself in english and focusing on your ears not in your eyes. I have been practicing my english through many podcast that I found, listening what they said and repeat a lot the same audios in order to internalize what you have heard. Practicing with native speaker is also very beneficial and the site that Renato shares is very helpful I myself have been practicing with Rachel and I have been improving my pronunciation.    

I started to study English about October 2012 when I decided go to Rock In Rio, a international event that will happen in September 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As I've already gone once in 2001 to such event, I perceived that if you know a little bit about this language (English) your day in Rock in Rio may be pretty better. Well, at least I think so...

I agree with you Diego, we really need to immerse in that language to acquire the use necessary for learn, understand or even think in the new language; sometimes we even dream in a foreing language when we are in this immersion!

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