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If you were given a chance to visit China for free, what will you do at first ?Please feel free to talk it !!!



I would like to know the friends I have made and know the maximum you can culture, customs and everything else :)

I will try the chinese cusines. I love food. ;)

i would see the pandas and visit nanjing seems a beautiful city...i watched in TLC

I would visit the great wall of China first, then some other heritage sites there in China :)




I am planing to visit China next summer. I really want to see a different China. real. In all its diversity and splendor. And therefore, I would like to see skyscrapers, bussiness centers and malls of modern fast moving city, and then take a walk through the quiet suburbs where life is calm and pleasant. Attractions of the state - this is very important, no doubt. This is it's history, culture ... of course it's right. But personally, I like to explore the country, watching people around, talking to them, learning about their habits and traditions, taste the local food, see the unusual nature ..... in this way I open the country for myself..


it seems that all of you like China very much.Indeed , there are lot of interesting amd meaningful things remain to be done once you decide to come here and there is no doubt that Chinese are all warm -hearted and willing to give you a hand with heart and soul.In general ,welcome to China.

Fantastic Adventures  are  on the Way and Waiting to be Founded .

I would find a nice bedroom and sleep. Later, I´d walk and take pictures.

I would spend my time walking around, talking to people, and exploring. I'd barely spend any time in the place that I'm staying(if it's a hotel) or I'd be there very little (a friend/family's home).

I prefer to walk as much as possible. I'd mark up everything on a map and explore what I haven't seen yet. I'd walk into shops and buy stuff, most likely food, and I'd most likely make new friends accidentally as well.

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