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Italian Music

Can you give me some suggestions of Italian bands that are worth listening to please? Or maybe specific Italian songs that are catchy and good? I like indie rock, some pop rock and rock in general as well as dance and club music. The only songs from bands that I know which I've heard and like are Negramaro's 'Nuvole e lenzuola' and Nina Zilli's '50mila' and 'l'inferno'. Grazie



Try Subsonica.

Long ago they were my favourite band.

Earlier albums are the best in my opinion.


You could also try Elio E Le Storie Tese.

They are very good musicians but their lyrics are wacky anf funny.

I am listening to this right now :) :


jovanotti is the best


Marlene Kuntz and Afterhours

Try Litfiba :)


Ligabue dude... Ligabue. I highly recommend watching his Campovolo concert on Youtube. Dude has some songs.

I would start with the live gig but you also asked for songs so check out "Le Donne Lo Sanno" & "Bar Mario" ... good luck translating the latter ;-)

Afterhours, Teatro degli orrori, Subsonica.

Thank you for all your suggestions!! I have listened to all of them and none of them were bad but I particularly liked Subsonica, Teatro degli orroria and surprisingly Vasco Rossi :) And I listened to those songs and they were good especially 'Le Donne Lo Sanno' ;)

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