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Language exchange your English my Russian

Hi there! I really want to speak English. I study English already 2 years and don`t see any progress in it. I also can help you with Russian!

My interests are music, sports, art, computer games and many more

My skype is cartoonsmaker



Here's my piece of advice. If you want to speak English, listen and read as much raw communication as possible. Read sparkling discussions on forums, participate in them, watch original English language streamcasts, etc. You will never be able to form an articulate utterance unless you have tons of pre-fabricated patterns and 'chunks' of speech in your active memory. End of advice. Good luck!

Thank you Vitaly! BTW my name is Vitaly too =)



Hey Vitaly, 


I'm looking for a Russian-English language exchange too. It sounds like you have a very cool job. I think we have some common interests. 


I'll send you a message on Skype. 




*I have studied English for 2 years already and I still don't see any progress in it.

*I can also help you with Russian.

*My interests are: music, sports, art, computer games and much more.


I don't mean to be a grammar nazi, I just wanted to clear up some stuff in your message. -Just a few switch arounds and fills in the sentences.- Your English is good for 2 years, though! Keep up the good work. Also I agree with Vitaly, watch American cartoons and shows, that'll help you a lot. Good luck!

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