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Can you tell me a kind of the local dialect?




Where I am from, we speak Frisian. It is one of the dialects in the Netherlands that has been recognized as a language through its clear distinction with Dutch. The people in the province Frisia tend to be more agricultural oriented and are known by being rather rigid, stubborn and simple minded. The statement I found saying 'a Dutchman says more than he knows, a Frisian less' says something about the way people are urged to be normal, down to earth and reserved about everything they do. A local saying would be 'Doch dyn plicht en let de lju mar rabje', 'Do your job and let other people slander.' I hope it helps!

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I know, by the way, that many parts of the United Kingdom have different dialects as well. For as far as I know, you have got big dialects like Welsh (what they speak in Wales), Scottish (spoken in Scotland), Northern Irish and numerous small local dialects around certain provinces. It will be worth it to use a search engine to find some more information about this if you are interested.

Certainly,I  think   it  is  very   interesting.

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