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Do u think the mother's love is replaceable ??

if a kid lost his mother when he was 5 years old , and then he became an adult , but still he miss her and wish that he knows her . how can another person helped him ?




anywhere, nobody can replace the mother's love. good luck to the poor kid.


Someone can substitute mother's love but no one can replace Mother's love nor being a mother to that child. 

If you have a mother alive, noone can replace her! a fact. But If the kid in mention lost his mother when he was 5, luckily a kind woman with the nature and care of a mother can replace and be a mother to him and make him happy.

That is as long as she loves him just like her own child. Maybe, for kids it is difficult to love someone else like their mother but I beleive women have the ability to love others' children like their own. Most women are full of love to share : )

I'm really really  sorry for u Bruce . the kid i mentioned  did not have another caring mother while growing up .

do u think he is gonna be a good husband ?? i

Unfortunately, parents are short-lived.... We spend our life with our second part (partner).....

no never

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