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about the accent of english

we know every language have accent as well as english,when we learn english,we know the english pronunciation  and british pronunciation,when i live in the Philippines,they also have their own accent, i want to know if the accent is very important for the english learners?

in China we also have different accent,but many times we can understand each other,how about english speaking Country?



English speakers usually have no problem understanding people with another English-speaking accent. Sometimes some words cause confusion (for example, a Kiwi person told me something was $60 and I thought she said $16), but in general there's not a problem.


When it comes to foreigners, an accent isn't a problem as long as we can understand you. We're used to hearing English in foreign accents. Sometimes people pronounce words so badly we can't understand them, but as long as the vowels and consonants are right we'll know what you mean.

As an American English speaker, I can say that certain thick Scottish accents sound like a different language to me.

I think the biggest accental difference in English is the way 'r' is pronounced.


American English has two types of 'r' sounds.
One is used by all English speakers. It's the 'r' from words like 'roof', 'rock', 'wearing' etc.


The other kind of 'r' is the one that's on the end of words like 'water', 'share' and any '-er' word. People from the US and Canada have this 'r'. It doesn't exist in Australia and from what I've heard, it doesn't in Britain either. For me, this 'r' is as hard to say as the German 'r'!


People will still always understand you if you say the American 'r'. For the most part, people won't even notice the sound.

and also the "t",Filipino read it "d" in some words,some times i feel puzzled,haha

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