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我过去的汉语老师天天都非得让我听他讲这个句子,你们觉得这个有道理吗? 对学习外语来说自己背书是最好的办法吗?




其实,对于这句话的理解,我还想说一句话,仁者见仁,智者见智。But I'm afraid you couldn't understand this sentenses either.


it is a good way to promote language sense

Strict memorization is a big part of Chinese education philosophy. Even young children were taught to recite esoteric poetry and thoughts by ancient poets and philosophers, most of the time kids just mimic the sound without knowing what they are reciting. To question the merit of such approach is almost a taboo here (public outrage might result). It is good to bear in mind that thousands and thousands of teachers and teachers of theirs learned things through this particular way for centuries. Since maintaining tradition/status quo is a big part of Chinese psyche, this approach is likely to be passed down to future generations. Is it a good way to learn then? Are there side-effects? I think you may already have your answers.

另一句諺語: "讀書破萬卷. 下筆如有神".  給你參考





I don't think it makes much sense and it is a typical cliche for me . I know traditional Chinese teachers prefer to ask people to recite over and over again rather than trace explanation . They consider understanding is not critical to learning  . I have different opinions on such teaching . If your teachers declined to your asking every time , I recommend you had better change another teacher to make your learning efficient and smooth .

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