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do you like ..?

do you like stay at home or go out  with your friends, and what do you like in your friends? 





i am disabled and can't go out.....also sara, i wish to learn arabic phrases, would you help me?

Honestly, most of free time I stay at home because I don't have a lot of friends. Also some of my friends go abroad. Despite this, sometimes I spend time very well with my friends.

Both stay at home with parents and go out with my friends are good.Don't u think so.

Hi !

I like stay in my bedroom but it's also cool to see his friends sometimes so, both ! And with my friends, we love shopping, going to cinema, being in a coffee shop or a park and went surfing :D

And you Sara ?

Nina, xx



i like stay at my room and chatting with new friends . :)

A bit of both. Mostly go out, me and a group of friends travel round europe frequently following our football team XD. Also in the process of opening a restaurant which keeps me out and busy.

Im working from home mostly, and its every comfortable so i prefer to stay home i seldom go out with friends, besides  my friends are busy too and they work at another city eventhough we keep in touch.

I like both situations but most of time I like to stay at home because I think I could do more things when I'm there but sometimes it becomes necessary to meet friends for going to a cool event, a dinner or simply keep a relation alive and warm.

I would rather go window shopping outside than stay in home all day long . But here in taiwan , the weather is so tough that most people cannot tolerate , especially to some foreigners from non tropical areas . You cannot stay outside for a long time even you like to drift on the street . No choice , You are bound to find some department stores with high efficiency air conditioners to stay . 

home it isn't every thing , sometimes you should go out to make a change in you manar of you life , did you think that?


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