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Learning Portuguese

Just a curiosity:


Could you explain the reasons why do you started to learn Portuguese?





I´m Uruguayan, and live only 120 km.  south from the border with Brazil.We go there often, and we are exposed to Brazilian language,culture,we always know what´s happening there.Our country has a very good relationship with Brazil,we are in Mercosul together.

I´ve been to several places (Rio,Bahia,Fortaleza,Recife,Olinda,Natal,and  also to a lot of places in R.S),and I´ve always enjoyed,people are very very friendly.And the language is so musical.

So I decided to learn Portuguese, in order to read Brazilian authors,and to watch films without subtitles.

I love you music!

Best wishes!

No Brasil fazem música muito boa!

Porque o idioma é linda. (E por causa do meu trabalho ^_^) Eu gosto de musica brasilera, também.

Coz everybody at least once in their life wants to date a brazillian woman... :P

Juss kidding ... :D I don't know... I am not learning portuguese. :P

I started learning Portuguese because there are some Brazilians in and around Nagoya, Japan, where lots of carmakers like Toyota are located. As I took a short trip there, I heard a Portuguese announcement in the Underground there and I bumped into Brazilian shops and restaurants. I found this fascinating. As I had look at a couple of Portuguese textbooks, I found out a little about Brazil and the Japanese Brazilian community and its language.

My far relatives back about four or five generations ago immigrated to New Continents like Brazil and California. Because at that time, Japan was really poor. They had to get out to make a living. This is another reason I chose it.


Now I live in Southern China, where Macau is just a few hours away. I wish to understand the language while in the town.

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