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Liquor/alcohol drinks Ban

In my city before the liquor ban is 2 am to 7 am but now it's 1 am to 8 am. It is both for store and bar/disco.  -_-  We cannot buy alcohol drink after 1 am maybe we should start the party earlier or just have party in the morning.


Is there a liquor ban in your country or city? if so what is  the time of the liquor ban? 





Yep we got 7-24 liqour ban and everything is ok :D

Shahin seriously? How do u people drink? 

My city is 8:00 am to 2:00 am for bars and restaurants.  What drives me insane is the dumb law that says you can't buy hard liquor (rum, gin, vodka, etc.) on Sundays!   What kind of nonsense is that?  You can buy it Monday to Saturday and then all of the sudden something magical happens and you can't buy it for 24 hours. critical thinking going on there.

It's ironic, because I really don't drink hard liquors, but occasionally I think it'd be nice to have a cold gin and tonic on a really hot day, and then I realize it's Sunday and I can't buy any gin.  Boo!



wow weird time liquor ban.. should I wake up early in the dawn time to buy alcohol.. hehe.. and yeah that is sad . people here in my country usually go out everyweekend mostly sunday. if it is liquor ban for 24 hours on sunday. Sunday ain't no fun at all T.T hehehe

Alcohol drinks are Haram and not buy or sell formally but there are stores that sell it secretly.

Here you cannot drink liquor on the street and squares or you can be arrested. At the disco/pubs you can sell liquor until 4 am  or 5 am (closing time), and you cannot buy liquor in a election day.

Shahin - So people in your country don't drink? ohh.. Your country is very strict hehe anyway it's good.


Alberto - Wow I like ur palce.. same here 1 week before election or 1 month we cannot buy.



Doris lets have a drink.

juan Jose - we can't have party all night outside anymore just like before... hehe perhaps a house party will do.

Doris - Cool... Go to my place I have a drink for you. See you later

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