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Are interesting people there???




That depends on your concept of interesting people.


This is the internet....the sane, interesting person to freak of nature ratio is about 1:100.

Are there interesting people?*  

I think there are numerous interesting people here. If you can take a look longer, you would find people in italki are so fascinating . They have different opinions to one issue as often as not  and they can give you  surprise somehow . If you like to dig more , interesting things could happen anytime . GOOD LUCK TO YOU to find your interesting people  . I might be one of interesting people .

Freaks of nature are very interesting.

of course, I do


Define what you consider interesting.


I agree with Ployglotunraveled. What you consider interesting may not be interesting to others. Would you specify?


Well, each person in this world may have a different outlook since not everyone shares the same interests. So, you may find funny people interesting, but a quiet person may not. So yeah, if you look for the kind of person that YOU MAY think might be interesting, you'll definitely find many.  Good luck! 

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