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which is harder?

French? or Spanish?



French , all the way!

These languages came from Latin. So I thought these languages are easy to learn.

But They were not easy to do for me. Could you tell me the effective way to learn both language?

In my opinion Spanish is hard than french

without doubt French is harder. if I were you, I'd learn Spanish. This language is more common nowadays than French. Actually Spain is demanding. 

French is harder than Spanish.


I would say, WITHOUT A DOUBT, FRENCH IS HARDER than Spanish!

I speak portuguese, so spanish should be easy to me (as for everybody who speaks portuguese), but it don't happens with me. I'm studying french (i'm making a course), and on my opinion is that Spanish is most hard than French.

For me, an English speaker, French pronunciation was really hard.  My Spanish pronunciation isn't that great but at least people can understand what I'm saying.

French because french is hard to pronounce.

I'm French , I'm a native. I can say that French is a harsh language to learn because there are so many grammar rules to know by heart, so many exceptions .. Even French people make mistakes! But it's a nice language and it offers a very large vocab. Spanish is easier.

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