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Let us see how good you are at imagining! :):)

One fine morning you wake up and find out that you have been sent to the past i.e. 1000 years back! You've been granted three wishes by God except that:

you cannot go back to your present; you cannot do anything to the people of the past; you have no place to hide ; you cannot become invisible!

What would you do then??




I would ask a G. for immortality or at least good health to last for 1000 years. ))

BTW, can I ask to bring me to the future let's say for 2000 forward ?

Yes. Why not?

You may ask for that wish. But do tell us what would you do then? As that,s what the question is .... :)

Can I bring the whole present world to the past then?

If not, let me be immortal, be able to fly, and be resistable to any physical harm.

@schwein: Very smart!

1st wish - Bring all my friends and family to the past also.

2nd wish - bring all our money and things/properties to the past also.. specially money for sure it has higher value in the past.


3rd wish - I cant think of anything.. maybe I will wish that God will give me a time machine nyahaha

1st wish - give me a unlimited wish.

2nd wish - Give me a castle, money and soldiers for security

3rd wish - Bring techonlogy in year 2200 to year 1000

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