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Hello can you help translate?

Hi, I'm wondering how you'd translate into English:

Feh 7aga and then helw ana olt 7aga?  


Thanks a lot!




1- What's up ?

2- Cool, I didn't mind. / I didn't say anything.


That doesn't make sense!  Both sentences have 7aga in?  What is that word please?  And doesn't helwa mean beautiful?  

yes helwa mean beautiful.

7aga mean thing.


1- Feh 7age = Is there thing ?

but when we say it we mean :

Is there something wrong ? or What's up ?


2- helw ana olt 7aga = beautiful i said thing (Disapproval)

but when we say it we mean : i didn't say anything make you sad/annoyed/nervous



feh 7aga?=Is there something (wrong)?

7elw=beautiful, but here it means "well", "OK"...etc.
7elw, ana 2olt 7aga?=Well, did I say something (wrong)?/OK, did I say something (wrong)?


I hope this helps.

Flora that is perfect!  Thank you!

i think you mean "how'a"  instead of "helw"

which means " didn't i say anything?!


You're welcome :)

Thank you so much, I wonder if you would mind helping me with some more translation?  I have somebody posting things to me and I don't know what they mean?  If you could help me I would really appreciate it.  I posted it in a new discussion, I don't know if you'll be able to see that, or I can repost the sentences here.  Thank you very much.

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