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Sometimes you guys also notice you are forgetting some english words, grammar etc?

I don't know if it also happens to you. But sometimes I feel I'm losing my profiency. I sometimes either sttuter and forget some words...



I often forget some words too....|.|

Sometimes a feel it when I'm trying to formulate a thought in english and I just can't... Then I think "I'm not giving anough attention to my English"... So I engage in some activitie involving the language and find out that it was just some momentary blocking. It is good to practice, anyways.

Howard, We should follow Francisco's advice and get more involved to some activity that is related to english language. Here on Italki we can interact a lot with it. The only way is finding someone here to talk to on skype...

I also feeling the same way. i forogt what is the right/common term to use.  I also often commit mistake when I am typing or speaking fast.

Well, I generaly go watch something in English... a TV Show, Anime, CNN.... Or read a book... Or play a video game.


If you want to add me here is my skype: ink.ribbon


You can add me here in iTalki too.

It's frustating sometimes, because I study english since I was a ten-year-old, I understand your difficulty Doris, I guess we have to put our english in use very often somehow, feel free to add me here or in skype too: vicente.orlando95. Francisco, I'll add you.


My English is so blur after summer holiday when I go back to Japan for a couple of months.  I think language skills starts retrograded as soon as we stop using the languages.


I really understand you. It's happening to me too!!! I've been studying English since I was 7 and now I have always been the best of my class and I'm trying to graduate in English, but I feel like I lost it, I don't practice it and I'm even afraid to speak English in public... but on papers my level is c1 advanced .-. oh heaven maybe we need practice more English in our daily life, when I was younger I was very keen on in was my favorite language xD

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