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What is your favourite food to eat at Iftar?

Since it is Ramadan, we all have different types of food made for Iftar, what is your favourite food to eat at Iftar? And what is the famous food in your country?

- (I love having cold watermelon and delicious Algerian dates to open my fast)

:) Ramadan Kareem everyone!




Rmadane kareem for you too.

Here in Algeria and in ramdan we like to eat chourba (soup) and this is cooked every day and also we always add another dish (gratin). But since these last years ramdan is on summer (warm weather) we don't eat a lot so just water,fruits, ice cream..etc.

Our famous dish in my country is 'couscou','rashta','dolma','lekbab'.

Take Care:) and Saha ftourkoum.

Ramadan kareem :)
my favorite meal "Mansaf" do u know it ?
our famous meal is "Maqlooba"
and i reall love Moroccan food :D


Ramadan Kareem


We eat a lot food at Iftar, and everyday it is different. I love having Alloo Chaat which is famous in Pakistan and India.

What is famous in my country is Fish and Chips but we cant eat that at Iftar since it is too heavy and oily. Other than that, iftar is always worth looking forward to Alhamdullilah..



three dates and cold water is  agood starter.



Goood question shweeto ^^

well any type of soup and a cup of juice are good starters, after breaking fast with a cup of water and 3 dates !! XD

umm, we have dishes from all over the world hehe. We eat rice byriani, dolma (stuffed veggies),macaroni ..etc. My favo. dish would beeee ummmm,,,chicken curry w/ paratha! I just love this dish!! aloo paratha would do the job too lol ;)

first of all ı open my fast wıth date palm.and than just only water:)

we have different kind of dishes but the most important ones are , as my sis yaya said chourba (soup) ,sambosa , and fimtoo (drink). funny thing one day in Ramdan i started my iftar with m&ms

even before i drink water hhhhhhh .

Thank you for all the comments, its nice to hear about all the different foods that I havent heard of before. I hope Ramadan goes well for all of you and you enjoy every minute of it. :)

Ramadan Mubarak for all of you.


of course dates and Turkish Labneh... i am not greedy at all :)

hope to see all people live in peace next Ramadan.

DATESSSSSS & soooooooooo much JUICE.....:P

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