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My application to practice Chinese

Hello everybody!


I wrote a game to practice chinese called Doms learn chinese ( ).


i wrote this game to help myself learning chinese with focus on learn simplified chinese characters (knowns as hanyu or logograms) , memorize words ,radical , stroke, phrases and pinyin (to help pronounce characters).playing game make learning easier funnier and quickly and i can practice any time , anywhere . my aim is to improve my vocabulary, help my study ,gain more from chinese lessons from books or course with teachers, prepare to hsk(hanyu shuiping kaoshi,汉语水平考试) exams, horoscope read articles, books, e-book and food menus without using translator for translation ,stimulate my brain and etc.
if you have similar needs , then my game should be a good choice for you. it should be also useful for people who learn chinese for business and travel purposes.

main game objective is:
guess as many chinese character as possible and as quick as possible(but different conditions applies for different games type).

There few game types(Adventure game ,radicals game, hsk test and sapper game) and am keep updating (once per month ,where i add new vocabulary and new features).

If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback that will make my application better for me and other people, write here or contact with via message.




Link to application:
This is game for Android devices only.





game is cool, well done bro!

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