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Student or Teacher fault?

If the student did not learn anything from the class and has a low grade. Is it the student fault for not studying hard enough or is it the teacher fault for not teaching well, making a way for student to be interested in the class and for not trying hard enough to reach out with the student?



I think that both have faults.  In general,the student need to study even if the lesson is boring.  But isles teacher doesn't teach enough or too difficult for the level of students.It is teacher's fault.  Teacher have the responsible to make students be interested in the class.

cosmotarina - yeah you are right... its a question here with my classmate we have this difficult subject and the teacher is so boring and everyone is having hard time so we think its our teacher fault but im also thinking that its our responsibilities to do our own study at home if we cant understand our teacher

I don't think so.Why students should be responsible for it? Sometimes it's not us students to choose the learning, but by choice. And why don't we get good grades is wrong? I don't know what the teachers' responsibilities are but if their class is boring I will not like it too.

But if it's my decision to learn in the class I will try my best.

sakuragi... you know what this semester i have really low grades in exam because i am so bored at class and i tend to absent.. 

It is very hard to score a teacher indeed . There are different evaluation system introduced to value how a teacher performs. Nonetheless , no perfect  incentive system can be applied to every teacher . That is why some teachers in US elementary school are so irresponsible according to a documentary film launched on HBO not long ago . I am strongly convinced learning highly depends upon yourself at large. I rarely depend upon how good this teacher is , accordingly , I do not pay much attention to how bad this teacher is . I still expect a competent teacher though . Nobody is right and none is wrong . Incompetent teachers are inclined to muddle through while competent teachers can give you a happy and rewarding lessons in class . I believe most teachers are attempting to give you positive impact on learning and the majority of teachers are keen to teach you what they learned .Unfortunately , the minority of them are not competent .  God helps those who help themselves . Maybe, I am an egoist to pursuit for what I want . I hardly pay attention to  how this teacher is unless I pay his salary and he is my personal tutor . 

Think will this lesson interesting for you if your teacher becomes better? If you are really interested in this subject, why not to make all your efforts to increase your grades. If you don't understand something ask somebody help you. If you need high grades do all your best, and I am sure everything will be ok :)

yes you are right allen its hard to evaluate teacher performance but still we have to pay attention on it since we are paying high tuition fee in school and universities. on the other hand there are some instances that teachers are giving all they can its just that student is not interested to learn.

there are also issue in research paper and reports. if we are paying them to teach us then why are they  requiring us to search for the things that we need to know.?

It depends on the situation. Sometimes, teachers are "boring" so students won't listen to their lessons. Students, on the other hand, will not be interested then it will end up in getting a failed mark.

Ms. Day:


Here in the United States, there are many students who are  often absent,   and when they do come to class, they disturb the class, they ignore their teachers' requests, they do not study, they start fights, etc.


Of course, those students and their parents and often the government say: Oh, the poor darlings are bad students because they have such terrible teachers!


In some cases, however, it IS the teachers who are to blame. If a class is filled with well-behaved students who are eager to learn, and if they do not learn, then the teacher should be held responsible.


Some teachers do not know their material well, and some teachers do not know how to teach in an interesting way.




The greatest "gift" that a student can give a teacher at the end of the course is these words:


"I really learned a lot from you.  Thank you."

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