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What is the true meaning of our language?

personally i think that there is unnecessary to pursue the so-called accuracy of grammar if the two of  guys can communicate fluently with each other.but as a beginner,we still need to learn from the me your piont.....



A fish trap is used in order to catch fish. Once the fish are caught the trap is forgotten. A rabbit trap is used in order to catch rabbits. Once the rabbit is caught the trap is forgotten. Words are used in order to capture thoughts. Once the thoughts are captured the words are forgotten. I'd be so at ease if I could find someone who had forgotten words so I could have a conversation with him!


From Taoist book, Zhuang Zi.

I also appreciate the baby's way of learning.

As I have a kid, and I see how 'easy' for him to learn Chinese and English.

We don't have to teach him to speak, he could speak Chinese some day.

I didn't teach him any English word, I just played an English song one time everyday, and he could sing the song in English after a week, and he was two years old.

I thought it's amazing.

He could sing many English songs but he couldn't or wouldn't speak English.

He only speaks a few English words that I often say to him, such as: thank you, sorry, go...

Now I come to understand why, that's because of listening!

Before he could speak some Chinese words, he had listened to us for a whole year.

Before he could speak some simple sentences, he had listened to us for 2 years.

What's more, we use it everyday to communicate, my boy learn to read fast, cause he found it's useful.

He hates to learn English, cause he found it's useless. Nobody around him speak English.

If u'r in an English-speaking enviromet, I think you could speak English without learning grammar.

But as an adult, who can only speak English online, grammar is necessary.

Otherwise, you have to memorize sentence by sentence.

I have learned English since I was 6, it's been more than 20 years, but I still couldn't chat with foreigners fluently.

And I could never speak to anyone in English over the 20 years, only online.

I always believe, if I could live in an English-speaking country for a year or a half-year,  I could really speak English.

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