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A happy life

What do you think about a happy life ? 

How is a happy life to you ?



I think about it very much. I think about the goals I want, the things I must exchange to have other things. I really want to have a peace life but sometimes I think it's boring .. I don't know what I want

I believe that you must have people who love you around, who care about you and make you smile everyday. I also think  that you don't need only to achieve big things to be happy. For me happines is hidden in small things of my everyday life, because if you think only that your achievements can make you truly happy then you will have to wait...  And 2 things that I try not to forget : SMILE even when you feel like so saaaaaad.... cause if you have the strength to smile then you will have the strength to get up and fight. And the second is to let things go. I don't like overthinking cause it makes you sad and feel guilts, things that can steal  your happiness.... Ok this was long haha


Happiness, for myself, is noticing the beauty that already exists in the world.

Why do we always try to find the answer as what is the happy life ? Living strong with love of family, smilling, learning, running .... all things are the happiness . The problem is our ambition. We want to have all, want to control, want to make our destiy. It's the reason why we look into the happiness. It's right here, belongs to you . Could you sê that ?

Happy life... Every person has its own life. And it's tricky to discourse upon this topic, cause, you know, someone is happy being lousy with money. But someone is happy just being healthy, or seeing his/her parents smilling.


For my own part, I'm happy when I harmonize with myself. I mean when I like what I do, and I do what I like)

Something like that.

as for me,with a goal and a warm heart,optimism,which make my life are full of happiness

leading a happy life is always my belief

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