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Do you know proficiency exams?

I have an exam 3 day later. It is 4 part. listening (30 point), reading (30 point), writing(24 point), speaking (16 point). I can't do reading part and listening part.  "For example, read the text and fill the gaps with sentences. Write the letter of the missing sentence in the box in the correct gap." The example is very difficult for me. What can I do? If you have an idea, can you talk me please?



I'm a student at university in Turkey. In Turkey, some universities' lessons are turkish, but my university's lessons are 100% english, so I have to learn english to I study my department. I have to successful in this exam. If you are curious my example exams, you can look at the link : it is similar to my exam. Ones Reading part is :   when you look at the internet link, you will see example exam. My problem is reading part 2. I hope I can talk about my problem. Thank you very much for your help..

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