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Which is your most favorite movie?

Which movie is your favorite and why? also which genre you tend to prefer.



LoveActually,No reason

i love the movies which is short, romantic and special tell about family life of western countries. the film is both comedy and romantic. I usually watch the film of US, it is nice. Rarely do  i watch the vietnamese film, it is not that mean i don't love my country. :). That's it.


Hot fuzz! It is a british comedy.

Yup hot fuzz is a good movie. I've watched it.

The Chinese film Infernal Affairs,无间道,no reason ,it first came up in my brain as soon as I catch sight of your question.I like a series of  funny films very much,it make me happy

"The Prestige"(English) and "Dev D"(Hindi) are my all time favourites.. for the superb story line and direction. Other favourites include The bridge on the river Kwai(English), Seven Samurai(Japanese), The Counterfeiters(German), Motorcycle Diaries, Cidade de Zeus (Brazilian Portugese).... the list goes on..


The butterfly effect 1

Rush hour all 3 parts, its funny and interesting i love comedy and action and this movie is perfect mix of comedy and action also Chris Tucker is hilarious.

An all-time favorite of mine would have to be "Inception", simply because of the depth of the plot in the movie. I tend to watch action or action-comedy movies (I also love movies with Denzel Washington in it).

The Matrix triogy (Wachowski Brothers) and Lola Rennt (Tom Tykwer).

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