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Give me some advice! How do/did you learn a new language?

Obviously I'm trying to learn a new language, but I don't think I am using right method.

So if you don't mind, can you share your method and advice


I am at the moment most interested in learning korean, so if anyone has any online resources they could share, I would be most appreciative.


Thank you



Lessons: - hundreds of lessons - same here, costs money for most lessons but some things are free.


write korean:



I like to use FSI methods, they are very thorough, and one tip: translate some sentences into korean from your mother tounge, and then back into your mother tounge from those korean sentences you made. This solidifies the language in your brain. 


FSI courses for korean:


I hope you succeed on your language learning journey! :)

hi, I am a Chinese guy. I’d like to improve my british English accent. So contact me if you want to. We can learn from each other. waiting for you. skype:jason.pih

the only thing you need to do is to find a can chat to him or her everyday,i think it's the best way.BTW,you can also watch korean tv series.

Hi, Lisa. Nice to meet you. I want to be your friend. And I can help you to improve your Chinese. My Skype is jackson.chan728, add me!

hi,Lisa^^ so glad to meet u.I'm just beginning to learn a new language as well as u~ I'd like to be ur friend.My Skype is incog545,free chat to me ~

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