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If you know Cantonese and want to learn English!!!

I am a native english speaker who is 竹升. I can help you with your english if you speak Cantonese. I speak Cantonese at a elementary school level so if you don't know any English that is fine cause I will still be able to help you. Add me on skype Kzheng1



Can we chat here? I don't have skype ac


you can read about 竹升 here:


Basically it is a term that Chinese people in the United States came up with that references someone who does not know how to read or write Chinese. American Born Chinese who knows very little Chinese. 



funny name..  name of noodle >.<

there is no Kzheng1 on skype ??

add me please :

Okay, I have you guys added. Message me on Friday-Saturday. 

You can probably help with my elementary level cantonese. U know more words than i do!

I'll add you on skype


I could help you with Cantonese. Well ''竹升'' means natives.


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