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how people from different countries cope with stress or depression due to overwork?

I want to know how people from different countries cope with stress or depression due to overwork? Most Russian as European works 40 hours per week (8 hours a day). I work 10-11 hours a day. Sometimes I work up to 16 hours a day. I know that Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese overwork too. I am interested, is there the set of norms, behaviors, beliefs, and customs in your culture which helps you to cope with stress/depression due to overwork?



I used to work 15+ hours (two jobs actually, 8+ hours plus 7+ hours) a day. It was crazy, so crazy that I felt like dying every single day (no kidding).


Try to find time to take a nap as much as you can, even though the permission you've got is for 10 minutes only.


Yes, it's pretty common in East Asian. Also, I heard of a funny saying, that is, when you are an employee you work 8 hours a day and when you are a boss you work 16 hours a day--who is more miserable, it's up to you, haha

I think that if you find psychological comfort in your work, you will not be interested in stress , in other word psychological comfort is main factor to be happy

LAst week, Monday to Friday I was sooo busy with my work that I only sleep 2 hours per day after a busy weekdays I slept for 22 hours. I slept Saturday 10 am and I woke up Sunday 8 am. It was really good. I tried to sleep for 24 hours but we had a visitors and they were noisy :( ... Mostly people here cope up with their stress by eating, shopping, hanging out with friends, sleeping and going to beach.

I used to work 7 days a week ,8 hours a day. It was so crazy, wasn't it? (5 days for the full time job and 2 days for the part time job) I got stess from less sleep and not enjoy with my colleauges. What I did was to talk to my close friend for releasing my stress(complain what happened during the day) and I stoped working whenever I feel " I can't make it any more" by taking my day off. I try not to push myself to the deeper of stress because it could make me be crazy and I would have to see a psychologist. 

Thank you for your answers!

mishaspEaking, sometimes I nap during lunch :)

M.A.L.I.K, yes! I am happy. It is a very interesting job. I get good experience. But it is a very responsible job so sometimes I get stress.

Doris Day Δωρίς, Russian and Philippines people are very similar in the fight with stresses.

Nutjaya Aramkul, it is a interesting thought. If my energy runs out, then I will leave the job.

If I have to work over time as usual , I would resign to find another proper job . I do not want to live for workc. That is not the destination I struggle for .  If other options available , I would rather enjoy my life more instead of consuming all of my time in work . I consider over work or underemployment is wortheless  . I would like to evaluate why I have to overwork all the time or  if this job can bring prmosing vision for my prospective career .That really matters if I am going to overwork all the while  . Back to the core of your question , I would try to find my fun in my work to persuade myself to overwork happier . At all events , it is suffering hard to take it for a long time .


I used to work 9 hours per day and i had to cope with too much stress and responsabilities. Finally, a new job was the solution, because the health is always the priority. 

Meantime, i would suggest you to try  a suitable time to practice some sports. Physical exercise helps you to uses up excess adrenaline. Choose your favourite sport so you will also enjoy the excercise.


allen, it is a good proposal to find my fun in my work.
Adri, thanks for your answer. It is a good proposal too :)

Vladimir, I agree with you on the Chinese, Korean, Japanese work ethics and work culture.  To answer your question, I would say it is a matter of how you think (your attitude).


I don't work hard.  I work smart.  I absolutely hate it when someone praises me for being a hardworker.  Some of my ex bosses used to say that. ~!@#$%^&*()_


I am paid overtime, and I had worked 16 hours straight a few days.  I had worked 15, 14, 13, ... hours straight as well.  I am also on standby mode 24/7, so I may get work emails close to midnight which I am expected to respond to right away.


It is hard to predict what life will throw at us.  But when life throws lemons at me, I try to make lemonade out of them.  So one way I cope with it is that I am confident that I can handle whatever comes my way.


Another thing about attitude is that, you should not let work bother you outside of work.  At work, I want to do well, partly because I have a career reputation to protect.  Outside of work, I have a "don't know, don't care" attitude, unless someone at work contacts me, then I try to finish it off swiftly.

I  really interest with this topic. :)


When I really have a stressful day, I used to use a religiou cpong style. I took sereval minutes to take a break from all my works and then I pray. It somehow helps me to relax and feel calm. The feeling that I've got after doing this is unexplainable but morely I feel that I'm not alone having this stressful day. That thoughts make me realize and help me cope with my stressful day.


Another things; I like to write and do blogging. Writing some poetry or article helps me explore my feeling and somehow when I post it (my poem or writing) it reduces my stress rate. 

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