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What functionalities do you suggest for Italki?

@Hashtags, Chats... haha.., Tags to mention other members maybe.... ideas? :)



Existing functions working properly (like chat or messages history) would be enough for me. 

Chat is necessary for communication, but not for stalkers.

For me, most annoying thing is lack of "edit" for existing post. Also a good search in discussions, answers and notebooks also would be great.

Editable posts.

At some point in the past, weren't there groups or boards, some set up where discussions could be organized.  Discussions now are such a hodge podge of topics, from learning language, love, politics, favorite animals, etc. but it's not really easy to read up on just those discussions that you are interested in.


Chat would be nice.  Heck, full-fledged online classrooms with voice, whiteboard ability, etc.  would be great.

An explanation of the italki points would be nice too. ; ) 

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