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Is difficult German to learn, when you speak English?

I wonder if knowledge of English will help me to learn basics of German?




Well, interesting question. German and English are both from the same linguistic family: germanic languages. But unfortunately due to historical reasons aprox. 70% of English vocabulary stems from Latin, so only the most common words have remained germanic:

Eng. bread; Germ. Brot

hand; Hand


Eyes; Augen

Sun; Sonne

Moon; Mond

Earth; Erde... and so on.

German grammar is by no means as simple as English and you'll need to study, but... it's a good start anyway!

Have fun! Mach Spass!

It will require quite a bit of time to learn German. Es wird nehmen einige oder vielen Zeit, Deustch zu lernen. But it is possible. Aber es ist moeglich.


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