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i need help please !

Hi guys : actually my problem is that i have a lot of words and english statements in my head i took it from american movies but the most of the time i still dont know how to use it in the right way because of the grammar Although  i can  understand anything written in English


i’ll be greatfull if any one could help me . and i know i did so many Mistakes At the top there ^^




Movies are not the best way to learn English.  There is so much situational language and slang that it would hardly be useful.

Thank you guys for this interaction but still no solution for my problem and ¨ tgif ¨ what can i do ^^ i love watching movies and i madly like the american slang .So i want to learn it

And i wanna know how i am doing so far . i mean are the phrases correct ؟

you can increase your english grammar skills more by reading stories you know .. movies aren't the best way to learn good english but it helps you a lot though

thank you mariam ^^

up ^^

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