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I need a native Chinese speaker who is serious about language exchange. I have WeChat My ID is below V

WeChat ID: [ID removed]


Serious Language Exchange. But we can get to know eachother if you like. ^_^I am determined to learn Chinese, and the culture. I am native English speaker. 



what about using skype : szpmzq , if you like please add me

I prefer scheduled conversation and topic oriented learning .  Chinese is too difficult if you are going to conserve only . 

You might screen my record on italki in those days  , I consider you may know if I am a serious language learner .

if you wan to communicate with Chinese,please install a chat software named"QQ"!如果你想和中国的朋友交流,请安装一个叫QQ的软件!

my QQ is  278517895我的QQ号码是278517895

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