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Is it a common thing in your country to eat without spoon or fork? in Indonesia, it is very common and it's a good thing to eat using hand (Right hand!), but of course after wash our hands, usually we wash our hands with water and half a lemon.



Generally speaking , we are not eating with bare hands , while , my young kids used their hands to take food  as they are too young . We use bare hands with plastic gloves to grasp fried chicken in fast food store . how are you interested in such problems ? are you trying to know something we do not know ?

some people told me it will be taste good  with hands in Philippines,i think it is so lovely.but in China,we use the chopsticks to eat,maybe it is so hard for you,but it is or tradition.


Thanks for your feedback guys. I just wonder if it is also a common thing in other countries. Anyway eating with three fingers (right hand) is also a good thing in my religion.

With my hands I eat pizza, sushi and sometime meat (chicken, barbecue, pork and turkey), it's more comfortable eating with hands.

I see.. Here we eat anything (rice, chicken, vegetables, etc) with bare hands, except for watery foods' like chicken porridge.

What about JELLO? Not too watery, but pretty yucky to eat with your hands. :)


Hey, I am Indonesian too. At home, I always eat everything with bare hands except the dishes that are too watery like soup.

last month, a friend from Russia (Barkhotostan)...,came to my house. No table manner..., hahahaha., so we ate by hand (right hand), and up one of our leg on the chair... :)

In Philippines, we normally eat with spoon and fork. Eating with clean bare hands is acceptable but only with dry food and in certain occassions. Eating with hands at home or any casual gathering is fine but taboo during formal dinners. 

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