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10 Most Spoken Languages in the World


1. Mandarin: 1 billion +

2. English: 508 million

3. Hindi: 497 million

4. Spanish: 392 million

5. Russian: 277 million

6. Arabic: 246 million

7. Bengali: 211 million

8. Portuguese: 191 million

9. Malay-Indonesian: 159 million

10. French: 129 million






I know two of the top five (English and Spanish) and I am learning two of the others (Russian and Hindi). Number one: Mandarin is just too difficult. I am surprised that Hindi is in the number three spot though.

i just think it's not easy to learn english especially in china. what my english teachers teach  me is all about passing exams ,so i'm suck at speaking oral english.even though i study english since kindergarten.


Here's a more accurate list:

Mandarin and Russian are very difficult, now I am studying Russian and I know some words in that language, the Russian alphabet... uffff.... so complicated.


I am not surprised that Hindi is in the number three spot because it has the second largest population after China in the world.

Thanks for your sharing.

I cant believe hindi is in top 3? How come? is this base on population of a certain country?

Russian, English and Spanish is the most international languages)) People in mostly countries of South America, Mexica, Spain speak Spanish. People in Russia, Ukraine, Kazahstan and other countries which was in USSR know Russian. It doesn't need to write about English...

Mandarin and Hindi are using mainly in China and India))


I'm thinking Hindi is number three because of the population but it is interesting to note that it is not one of the official languages of the United Nations. The six UN offical languages are Spanish, English, French, Chinese, Arabic, and Russian, of which UN documents are written.

I think your list is more accurate than link from Polyglotunraveled, because malay-Indonesian is the national language of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. Population of Indonesia is 248million and almost all Indonesians can speak Indonesian language.

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