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How do you express future tense in Standard Arabic and Egyptian Dialect?



to make future in Arabic we use س+present or سوف+present Examples with the verb ذهب to go أذهب = I go سوف أذهب = سأذهب = I will go so you have to know the present form first Egyptian Dialect and all the dialects are hard because they don't follow specific rules, you have to memorise the verbs and the phrases, I don't think that the rule will help you if you have more Questions just ask


To form the future form of the verb in Egyptian dialect, you replace the ب at the beginning of the verb in present with a ه or a ح (with a Fat7ah on it). For example: the present verb بَقول (I say) becomes: هَقول or حَقول (I'll say, I'm going to say) بِتقول (she says) becomes هَتقول/حَتقول (she'll say, she's going to say) If you have more questions about that, please, post them.

in standerd we says سوف_the action _ ان شاء الله

4 ex i wanna say i'll come to visit u soon

we sasys سوف اتى لزيارتك قريبا

at egyptian just add the letterهـ  to ur action

like هزورك قريب

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