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The love — is a victory of imagination over intelligence or not?



As far as I am concerned, love it is necessary for each of us. Sometimes, we need to be beloved to someone

love is an emotion an illusion and an imagination. One should preceive with ones consciousness and intellectual capabilities whether what they are doing makes any sense. This solely depends on the individual and their experiences. thus we cannot say it's always victory over intelligence Neither can we deny it. I believe I have justified myself.


we all need love. love is not reasonable. 

Love with your mind and think with your mind so that you will not be fool in love.

Love is love no matter how many names you have it.It is unreasonable, rebellious, out of yourself, uncontrolled,wonderful thing that can humanize us as human. When you can control love or generalize it with imagination, intelligent or unintelligent ones, or sort of the rest you name it then it is not love but you pretend to love. Once love touched you, you cannot say, think, hear anything the same way you ever saw before. Because,  you even not yourself anymore. You already one soul in two bodies. 

I conceive love comprised a scope of you intelligence somhow . It is not just a imagination . From time to time , it is illogical and emotional , you may call it crazy . yet , in most situation , I believe love is a complex of emotion and thinking . People who want to select their spouses are frequently reasonable. If you were mature enough , your intelligence will surpass your imagination . But , nobody knows what will take place when you meet your fascinating taget  .

Ask yourself, how many of your friends, known people have fallen in love with someone who is not from his/her own class, education, colour etc? all our selfish reason for good offspring comes into play in what we think spontanious love.


and to answer this question, I firsdt also need to know what you mean by 'intelligence' or 'emotion' (are they so distint?) 

I know lots of young people burned or hurt others people on behalf of love . At that moment , I guess their intelligence does not take any effect on controlling thier animal instinct . Over years passed by , they would know what thery were doing at that time in the jail  . Love will fade away  , life must survive . If you can tell them apart , love and life will get on very well . Love is supposed based on intelligence or love cannot be long lasting . 

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