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preevet , kak pozi vaa-eesh ?

hi everyone i just started learning russian pretty cool and so sweet to speak i can remember the words , yeah i know is hard but i can do it just it will take some time :)  so i hope , i could find here  a friend who can help me more to learn some more 




Privet, u menya vsyo otlichno)) I glad to help you)


Hello, may be the first thing you have to do is learn the alphabet.

thanks anton  , i really appreciate it and sonia thank yeah i love learnt alphbets too ,

Ask for help. Do not be shy. the majority of people in Russia are not fluent in Russian language - such a dilemma. Set a goal, how do you want to go deep in the Russian language? Plus - the study of the Russian language without the introduction to the culture of the Russian people - recklessly. In any case, I wish you good luck.


it's really difficult language so thaI I wanna wish you good luck) if it is necessary to help you I ll do it with pleasure)


Hmm India, very interesting, I could help you too. We could help each other, I'd like to learn a litte a bout your amazing country.


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