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Have you seen 127 hour movie?

I was so eager to watch this movie.Finally I could watch it last summer for the first time and also yesterday for the second time :D. I have to say that it's one of the best movies I have ever seen.
What's your idea?



yes it is a good movie.. You can say you can survive anything if you have the will and determination. 

He cut his hand L:

αλεξης, you're not alone.

what it is?

yes, and also based on a true story

I did not see the movie you mentioned above , but I might suggest a very awesome feature film :"man on a ledge" . It is appealing to every nerve in your body during watching the movie.

tnx every body for getting involve in this discusion

That was really a excellent movie )) As i remember that has been received Oscar right?

I watched it one or two years ago. That the film is based on a true story impressed me . I advise  everybody to watch it

Never even heard of it, but I hope there is an intermission every 2 hours.  I dont think I could hold it that long.

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