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Who wants to be with "Negative People".

I see lot of good discussion here, it is fun to read but sometimes even the discussion is fun there are some people put negative comment giving negative thoughts. Why would this people ruin the fun others maid. 


Attention Seeker?



For example? :')

ehehe I know what you mean... Some close minded people. Fanatic of something, over dedicated on something.

@M_rk_s Yeah most of attendion seeker are the jolly people.  

@Ayad - I totally agree with you.


It is most of the close minded people. This discussion should be fun and both learning. I know people had different opinion and I respect them. But other people became annoying they always say bad things. Some people are really sensitive to their personal feelings they want other people agree to them. They want to grab other people to their side even they are really out sense.


Come on people lets have fun here! Don't bring up your personal stuff, devotion or hatred here.

"New depressent pills developed for the annoying cheerful." lol - sorry...

I am distrustful about people who are extremely positive all the time. I think to myself: "This person is not being honest or is hiding something because life can be difficult."

I think this is because of hatred. Some people hate other people just because they're different or believers of a certain religion. When the latter start a discussion or say something, the first show their hatred by insulting or accusing them of anything whether it's based on reason or not.

Everyone has own opinion...don't blame and judge...

>Kendell< Thanks. I always say the truth if this what you mean.

M_rk_s, I agree with you, but I think 'always happy' people, the way they show themselves, is an attempt to be pleasant fot others, it's not a secret that most people prefer positive interlocuters, neighbours, colleagues and so on. More deep side of themselves they show for close friends.

Juan Jose, I like your positon about communicating with pleasure and use.
Extra fun people, extra boring people - it's extra :) Sorry for the tautology :)
They say, the golden mean is not attractive but it's solid. hehehe

It's my first visit of itaki, I am sorry if my comment is put in some not proper way.

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