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tell me about habits and customs of algeria

algeria is a historical country so i think there are many customs and habits either in their daily life or in the occasions like(ramadan ,eid)
and also i want to know about the special days which take a consideration into all the algerian people



this is females customs
and this is males customs
and in algeria we are like all muslims people we two inportant days eid al-fitr and aid al-adha
+ aid of Independence in (5 July) and we have the day of Revolution editorial in (1 november)
and about food , in my region we have couscous and barcoucas

thank u my friends
i know alittle about algeria
some people told me that algerian people is more interested in their apperance tham their food
is that right?


do you know couscous?

no but i wish u tell me about it


couscous is traditionel dish very nice and waw

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