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Could you introduce me some Arabic songs?

I'm learning Arabic these days,and I'm praticing the pronunciation now,but its difficult to pronunciate some letters,especially,the letter which need trill,so,I need to listen some arabic songs to improve my listening,of course, because I'm a beginner,its better if the songs you introduce is simple.

By the way,the songs should be singed by standard Arabic.

Thank you in advance!



I think that songs sung in Modern Standard Arabic are really hard to find.


Watch Japanese anime dubbed in Arabic (the anime and its songs are dubbed in standard Arabic). That's the easiest way to hear standard Arabic. I recommend it to all Arabic learners. If you can't find a particular anime on youtube, I can help.

I have one (rap) song in (Algerian) Arabic on my itunes:

No idea what it's about but I like it a lot :P


Daler Mehndi -tunal tunak‎

i can help u practice

Thank for your suggestions,all my friends!

but i should tell you something that youtube can't ba used in China,so,I can't watch the site about youtube you adviced .


Which website can you use in China? Maybe you can download anime from Arabic forums! If you need any help, tell me.


Can you watch Arabic language documentaries from National Geographic in China?

I don't know,could suggest me some documentries?I would try to do 

Below are some songs by Charbel Rouhana, Dima Orsho, Omaima El-Khalil, Lena Chamamyan and Rim Banna (I think Rim Banna sings ten times better in the Palestinian dialect).


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