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Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University

assalaamu alaykum,


Does anyone know how non- Saudi women can apply to this Univesity and what is the age of admission. The website doesn't explain in English.


shukran jazakaAllaahu khair





Hi I copy this from website and translate it to English to help you


Now accepting students for the academic year-Saudi 1434-1435 e

Requirements to apply:

-That the student holds a high school certificate or equivalent from inside or outside the Kingdom.

-For vehicle for student (85%) Up (60% cumulative average in the high school certificate + 40% for acceptance testing (capacity 20% + 20% grades)).

-To be a decent student.

-That the student pay tuition to preparatory year (18,000) eighteen thousand riyals for chapters.

-Proficient student language spoken and written Arabic.

Submission procedures:

Visit the University site for faculties and departments available for admission to the University that the student is not entitled to Saudi Arabia after the end of the year the preparatory enrollment of all colleges except health colleges (College of medicine, College of dentistry, College of pharmacy, College of health and Rehabilitation Sciences, school of nursing).

In case of application all the conditions required to apply for the student, hopefully filling the application form and send it to my email

Send form + certificate secondary + picture of a student via email (


-In case of questions we hope to communicate with the deanship of admission and registration email


JazakaAllahu khair akhee,


I was hoping they had a scholarship for international students, do you know if they do? I'd like to know if a woman can attend, but have her Mahram attend another University at the same time.



foreigners cannot attend this university . u can if ur mother is from Saudi Arabia . Best of luck

Foreigners can attend but they need help in applying for a place!


If anyone knows anyone who attends the university and can answer some questions I have I will be very grateful.


thank you

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