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Which one do you like better, window shopping or online shopping?

I went to shopping tonight, as a result, I bought three skirts in a small clothing shop. And I had a good time during shopping. Which one do you like better, window shopping or online shopping?

I prefer the former, and you?:)



Both of them! But we can know how fit the skirt is and the quality through window shopping. And it is funny! Sometimes clothes in online shopping are not fit and not so good.  So I like window shopping more!

I prefer like window shopping than online shopping, because you can not only see the things, but you see people too. Interaction with people directly is a Social activity, because of it we called human :)

Two comments about English usage.  1) Window shopping means just looking in store windows without any intention of making a purchase.  Once you buy something, you are no longer "window shopping".  2) You went shopping.  Omit the "to" because it should not be there.  You might like to go shopping.

i like the latter ,because i am lazy girl .It s joking .I just consider that online shopping is cheaper and easier. But something we would regred buying the cloth in this way .;-)

Absolutly everything that force me leaving my chair preferred .

I like going out and communicating.


I do like to online shop when I know I cannot find what I'm looking for in person.  I tend to window shop occasionally but I try to avoid it whenever possible. Just because it can give the impression that you are going to steal something or like to insult the company by only browsing.  Sometimes I'm so indecisive I end up not buying anything at all.

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