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Learning a language? How is it?

italki is a good thing to learn languages and connect to foreigners. But sometimes, we still need to study the language through books.

It happen to me while I try to learn Hangul, I still need to find a book as an aid.


So, how do you do?




Books help, but I learned a lot from movies and dramas too, especially vocabulary.

Yes book is a good tool.. for it provide lots of explanation and if you forgot something you can just scan it again but I also enjoy watching video tutorial which I am grateful Spanish has lot of video calss tutorial because somehow it will not make you sleepy and you will know how you should be pronouncing the words.

I found these two books very useful. They're a bit traditional with focus on grammar and repetition, but they gave me a solid foundation to build on.  The first one has an accompanying set of audio available that you can listen to as well.


Speaking Korean


Basic Sentence Patterns in Korean

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