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Are Left handed people smarter?

Is there any relation between writing with Left hand and Intelligence?

Are you a left handed?




I am, and yeah I think i am smarter than my colleagues jaja

Well people always say that, I'm not sure all, are there research regarding this topic?

It would be interesting







I'm not sure if any scientific research approved they are smarter or not, however I'm intersted in hearing different stories about it.

Left handed people's right brain is better developed than right handed people. The different part of brain has different preference, such as left brain is good at analysis.logical thinking, by contrast, light brain prefer feeling and art. There is no evidence to prove left handed people is smarter than right handed people, as far as I know.


It depends on how you define intelligence. Some people would think math people are more intelligent whereas others might say that language people are smarter.


It has been said that left handed people tend to be right brained (good at language arts) and right handed people tend to be left brained (good at math and science).


I am left handed and I am stronger at language arts and music but I also like to study math and science.

I have heard that color blind people are smarter )


There is no proof (or reason to believe) that they are smarter, but they are definitely more artistically inclined (and have an average life span that is seven years shorter than someone who is right-handed, as so much machinery/technology/etc. is tailored to right-handed people)

Left Handers supposed to be more creative and also more flexible than Right Handers.

Their Imagination and 3D thinking is so high cause of being right brainers and learn things in an intuitive way. 

I find this image so cool about the difference between left and right brain functionality.

The distinction of left brain and right brain is only a general idea--I used to read lots of books concerning Neurology adn Neuropsychology, popular, academic and even pseudo ones. Nevertheless, I can tell you, the lefties are prone to have more balanced brains.


The human brains are way complicated than each of us (even for the specialists working on this field) can imagine I think.


The brain zone where you deal with calculation, good memory or whatsoever is never in the exact same position as in any of others'. None is identical as yours and it's very your brains making you unique so don't be discouraged if you are not lefty or what.


I am often asked "are you lefty?" every time I am caught writing or holding my chopsticks with my left hand, and I have learnt to give my official reply "yes" to end this conversation, to just save my time on explanation. I am in fact both-handed.


I can confirm that "imagination and 3D thinking", yes, and strongly. Another thing I want to add is, from time to time a couple of ideas come along when I am to say or act like I am torn amid extremes of two or three while people only see me numb.


I think that the lefties are considered smarter might be because they, throughout their entire lives, will have to learn, whether unconsciously or consciously, to adapt themselves to this righty-dominant world, manipulating the mouse, flipping through the book right-opening, et cetera, et cetera, that is, whenever you learn something new, something beneficial happens in your brains. One's understanding (or say, IQ) is never fixed when aging.

I do agree with you mishap , I'm leftie too.

I also find myself thinking to more than one thought at once while people watching me doing nothing and stare at something.

It's obviously proven that lefties are Right Brained and they could be good artists ,writers, politicians and designers and so on.

I would like to know more about your lifestyle ,career and how do you bear with this right dominant world.



Grrrrr, I wasn't informed, I have to look back all by myself to find this message right for me. Somebody suggest that italki start up a new feature where individual comment-to-comment subgroups to be popped up like reddit and whatnot, if possible?


Haha nah, not that I bear with the world. The world has to bear with me.. I am a weirdo tO tHe boNe, though that never stops me from having a handful but loyal bosom friends :-) 

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