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I would like to learn Portuguse!

I'm mexican but I like to listen all kind of songs. Recently, I have been listening some brazilian songs and have to say that Portuguese is just marvelous,  I'd like to learn entonation of the words and phrases. How can I improve my learning at portuguese's language?
I hope that someone can help me! :D

Greetings to everybody!  




We have a group on skype, maybe you might want to join.

Of course! I would like to join in that group, but I have to pay? or something like that because I haven't enough money to pay lessons or that! :/ Thanks! :)

which group for communication of skype? 

I am interested in joining it and practicing.



Olá, bem-vindo!

 Penso que  conversar com nativos seja um modo de aprender melhor a língua portuguesa. Aqui no site há também bons professores (você paga as sessões, claro). Bom proveito!

I can help you :) 

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