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what do you think to be a translator better than teacher?? which one would you choose?



Depends if you like teaching, or Just translating...

A translator would never be better than a teacher, because of subtilities. Having said that it really depends of your need. Both are needed depending what you are planning to do, which difficulties you are facing... One remark however: if the translator gives a better answer, you DO have to fire your teacher !


I am a translator and a teacher. I studied translation first and then I became a teacher. Though Franck disagrees with me. The main differences are 1) translators are taught grammar, vocabulary and cultural factors at a deeper level than teachers are taught, 2) teachers are taught teaching methodology that a translator has no idea about. My background as a translator helped me to understand the languages I study a lot easier than if I had just studied to be a teacher. Since I have studied psychology, it was easy to learn the teaching methods to be a teacher. But, I still call my sister (who has been a teacher for the past 25 years) to get advice on how to present certain information to students and she calls me when she does not understand grammatical structures that I do understand due to my previous education.

You can do both, as teaching will improve your translating skills. You can take on translating contracts as an extra source of income while you are teaching.

of course teacher.A teacher has 2 long vacations^^

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