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About China Travel.

Are there any person who want to travel in China?

And where you wanna go?

Just tell me the places of interest you love and why.

Or places you have visited and your feeling.

ps: I am a student in Guangdong,China.



Well, I was in Guangzhou back in December last year and I almost couldn't stand the cold there XP. I enjoyed shopping and the food there but I think I prefer Hong Kong. The people are much nicer there... to me atleast. :)

Not sure if you count HK as part of China. Anyways I have been to there so many times and I'm going to go there very soon. My feelings? haha well... I just love this place! It is sooooo diffrent than Europe. Food is great, people are nice, I've made there new friends. I have never had a pleasure to visit mainland China but I would love to that. I love to explore new places and making new friends.


Yes, of course, HK is a part of China.  I live in Mainland and I have visited HK before. It is really a nice place. Maybe next time you can travel mainland~ Welcome to China~hah! There're so many places of interest and great food. Wish you have a nice trip in HK!

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