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say" i wanna play this music on my wedding " in korean?

aand also "listen to it please!"  




I'm here to help.
My Korean vocab is limited, so my answer might be wrong.

i wanna play this music on my wedding = 
제 결혼식에서 이음악을 재생할게요.

제 = mine  
결혼식 = wedding ceremony
음악 = music ( or you may replace with 노래 = song )
*재생하다 = play ( not sure if this phrase is suitable for this case )

V -ㄹ게요/-을게요 = going to - V

2) listen to it please. = 들어 보세요.

Anyone who's better in Korean language please help. =)


Nicely done 志翔! The only change I would make is to use "재생하고 싶어요" for "I want to play..."  I'm also not sure about using "재생"...but I'm sure people would get the idea.



저는 이 음악을 제 결혼식에서(or 결혼식때) 연주하고 싶어요.

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