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我发现了自己学会了很多单词,但跟当地人聊天或写文章时候还觉得很难表示自己的感情和思想。我生活中身边的人大部分都是中国人,他们说的话我都能听懂,可我就不明白我为什么不能像他们那么容易想起来词, 搞得我特别苦恼。有没有人像我这样烦恼?这个问题应该怎么解决呢?怎么精深学中文?



Uhm actually it's common I guess you can try to speak to yourself when you learn a sentence you feel really funny and create a drama.

When speaking Chinese you have to let yourself be engaged in the language, and you can read some English novel that translated into Chinese so you can see the different ways of expressing between these two languages.  

And you ask how to excel at Chinese, I think your Chinese is really good and can get some junior high students' Chinese lessons, and write some article with topics such as :how to help others, what technology brought to life ,etc. Doing some traslation would also help. 

Chinese logic is really different from british logic.You can imagine a new feeling or an illustration about the new words and adjust your feeling when you see the new function of the word.

Some words may be strangers for you but you can guess it from the characters you already know.

That is just like when you know predictable you'll kown unpredictable,too. 

You know 只要-功夫 -深,鐵杵-磨成-繡花針  

I think you can start to comprehend Chinese slang word by word "by Chinese".You'll get the sense of this.

Hah,just chat with them .多点跟他们聊天,注意他们的用词,或者看些杂志,电影啊之类的。 我也是这样学英语的喔^_^  我学英语也是像你这样啊,所以不用苦恼,每个人学其他语言都会这样子啦~

Some here. I am chinese and I am learning English now. I have the same trouble as you !



 i suggest you going to weibo like xinlang weibo or tengxunweibo , 那里 最新的新 闻还有流行词汇,你经常去那里的话就可以知道在什么时候和周围的人聊什么了,just a suggestion :P 希望有用 :D


至于中文问题可能还是要多用多听吧 熟能生巧

很正常阿,我也覺得自己英文還好,但是跟native speaker一說起話,就不太容易表達自己的意見或感情,I think practice makes perfect .  It is not too far for you i guess .



我学英语也有这样的烦恼。如果老是不能很好地表达自己的意思,可以尝试一下造句(给自己限定一个词语), 时间长了就会发现有些词语会运用得很熟练。^_^  精深的话,多读多听多写。了解中国文学, 而且还要适当了解中国现在的一些网络流行词语。希望对你有帮助 

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