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That place west of England?

It's Ireland right?

Wrong! It's Wales, my home.


You see, alot of people aren't actually aware that Wales exists, we have our own language and alot of people don't even realise that!


Wales was actually what it is now, England, AND half of Scotland! Granted, that was a VERY long time ago!

I wanted to know what you know about Wales? If you don't, would you want to know more?


I think it's interesting really, because so many people think of the "United Kingdom" as "England", it's actually not. Ireland, Scotland and Wales have different traditions and much older traditions than England. Wales is fortunate enough to have a language which is still alive... just!


Thank you for reading,
I'd love for you to write your thoughts etc and tell me if you want to know more!





Bale AlexFerguson and Gigs....:) 

I KNEW someone was going to make a football reference! Haha! :)

My friend has been there and took many photos. I think it is a nice place!  ^_^

I wonder to know dose Wales have traditional costume just like Scotland?

Is Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England are different countries or what?


Iris; I'm glag you think so! I do too!


lionel_zhao; Yes, we do, we usually wear it on St David's day (or Dydd Gwyl Dewi) which is March 1st. I will find an example for you and post a link up for you to see!


Shehzad Naeem; Yes, they are all different countries. With Ireland though, there is Ireland and the Republic of Ireland... that's another story though. Great Britain and the United Kingdom are actually different things too! Great Britain is Wales, Scotland and England; the United Kingdom is England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales; then you have the British Isles which is England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland!

I want a friend from there 

Here is a link to a website with a bit of information about the traditional Welsh "costume" or "dress".



Blitzy; I'd gladly be your friend if you'd like!

All I know about that country is the name itself "Wales" other than that I don't know anything. Well I guess it would be interesting to know about your country. can you give me a sight which I can have an idea what is your country, what are the people there? Website with photos from your place will be much appreciated. Actually you are the first person from Wales that I have seen.

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